Introduction to Basis-Africa

Basis-Africa is a Nairobi-based business that identifies and develops water- and energy-focused projects in the Central and East African regions. It provides products and solutions into the more difficult and demanding markets of the region. Basis-Africa aims to do this for Government agencies, NGOs and commercial companies with an expeditionary mindset.

Customers need Basis-Africa to be high quality, robust, truthful, adaptable and reliable. The products and services provided are not necessarily high tech, but they are designed in partnership with our customers and are based on proven, reliable, high-impact, low-energy, sustainable technologies. They are solid and durable. They get the critical jobs done.

Basis-Africa works very closely with a number of local East African partners who act as suppliers to ensure that all products provided are installed to our manufacturers’ specifications.

“We want to provide you, our customers, with well thought-out solutions to problems; problems with non-core activities that are preventing you working efficiently.  We aim to be a remover of obstacles for you – we will provide utilities where there are none, so that you can carry out your key operations.  And if we don’t have an answer to your problem we will go and find one.”
Iain Brewster, Director